In November 2010 I had a heart attack and survived. Since then I fell in love, left a stressful job, started working in a much healthier environment with truly amazing people, ran 10km in 75 minutes, got married, moved house, run three times  a week, ride 9km to work and back most days, and do a million other little things that fill as much of my life as I can with meaning.

I started this blog 8 days after my son Yonatan was born. This little person is the biggest thing that’s ever happened to me.

This blog is about us.

One thought on “About

  1. It’s me, the 55 year old guy with four sons, the youngest 16, the oldest ten years his senior.
    No place is safe, ask the father of the child who’s dodged life threatening illness not once but twice. But some places are less safe than others and you have to ask yourself, is this really where we belong? Is this the best I can do for my family?
    Sure, it’s all in a good cause to stay, to hope things get better, but tens, hundreds of millions of pawns have died in thousands and thousands of wars, and most for nothing.
    I’m brave enough, but I’m not interested in throwing my life away for nothing, not interested in my sons doing so either. If it were yours t standing in your shoes, I’d be packing, and I wouldn’t look back.
    Good luck with the whole Dad thing. It’s the best thing there is.
    (not real name, not real email. But real wishes for the best for you and the family.)

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